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Zen Quest leads the way in exploring the frontiers of experiential learning. Our team combines research from a cross section of professional disciplines such as outdoor education, sports science, nutrition, education methodology, psychology, public policy and philosophy, to provide interdisciplinary learning in the outdoors.  This solid academic base combined with our extensive experience in the outdoors allows us to provide our clients with programs that are tailor made.


IB, A Level & GCSE

In Curriculum outdoor education and field studies

We liaise with many international schools and their teachers regularly in China, Hong Kong and the USA. One thing that comes up time and again is justifying their field studies, outdoor education and extra curricular activities to the education board, the parents, and the schools examination system.

River & Field Studies in China

Geography River Studies

Our geography river studies program brings student learning to life, with innovative program design, real world experiences and expert staff. We take our experience in the outdoors and in education, fusing them together to create the best facilitated learning experiences ever!

Week Without Walls (WWW)

For many years, a lot of schools  have defined their outdoor activity week as 'week without walls'. So a week without walls in its broadest sense, is a week where students can participate in activities outside the school classroom. This could include such activities as; service learning, trekking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping and much more. Here at Zen Quest we strive to make WWW a week your students will remember, where they'll learn and grow as individuals.


University Programs

At Zen Quest everything we do is driven by the philosophy of "quality, safety and empowerment. " Our university programs are the best example of this philosophy in practice. As outdoor curriculum designers and facilitators, we have worked with Shantou University and Beijing Normal University in constructing, teaching and facilitating a range of outdoor education courses.


School Programs

Global Issues

Global issues; how to create leaders equipped with both a global vision and a willingness to work with others, the groundwork begins with education.


'Photos taken by Ed Lau in Antarctica with Shantou University'

Experiential Education

Philosophical framework for experiential and outdoor education

Any approach to education must ask itself, what is the goal of education? Is it our aim to cultivate doctors, engineers and other brands of professionals?

Personal Developments & Leadership

Leadership training is an experiential process necessary in preparing students
to lead. However, much of the existing leadership framework are aimed primarily at educated adults who are in an institutional position vested with power. As such, it has limited application to the budding adolescent mind.

Servant Leadership

Vitalising the moral compass that is inherent in your child through service and self mastery

The focus of the Zen Quest servant leadership program lies in cultivating our students’ intrinsic need and passion in serving others.



qing_dynasty.pngIn this era of the global village, Chinese Mandarin is quickly becoming one of the most important business languages. The proficiency of both Chinese and English means that students can communicate effectively with more than half of the world. When you partake in a Zen Quest expedition, you can rest assured that there will be plenty of opportunity to sharpen your tongue in both spoken languages.

Youth Development

Mind, Body and Youth Development
The mind and body is intricately connected and this relationship governs our entire behaviour and outlook in life. Our job as outdoor educator is to train both components to cultivate all rounded individuals capable of dealing with the many challenges they will face in life.

Microcampus Outdoor Education

Micro Campus (Microcampus) setup in China

Don’t just visit, stay and change your students' global perspectives.


The Microcampusing idea comes from Craig Tafel, a teacher from Shanghai American School (SAS) who uses a luxury mana house retreat ‘The Linden Centre’ near Dali to run microcampusing for SAS students. Our vision for microcampuses see’s many schools across China making use of multiple locations for running extended microcampus programmes.