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Environmental Technology Modules

New as of 2015 Zen Quest is developing a range of environmental technology modules (ETM) which can be incorporated into existing programmes. These modules can be tailored to our clients needs and run at a variety of different venues and environmental settings.

Here are some examples of our ETM's:

Solar 1 - Build interest, enthusiasm and understanding of small solar systems by learning how to build solar panels that can charge a smart-phone on a desktop lamination machine.


Shigu, Rainbow Valley

Shigu (事故) is located on the first bend on the Changjiang River (金沙江,长江河) and is famous for being the place where the red army crossed during the long march. One small old bridge still remains and there is a small museum in the village dedicated to this event.



The first ever Earthship and environmental technology centre in China

The Earthship idea has been developed and refined for over 30 years. It started with an american architect called Michael Reynolds who started building his alternative buildings in the deserts of Taos, New Mexico. The Earthship is an all-encompassing off the grid building that provides: heating, cooling, electric power, drinking water, water heating, vegetable production and sewage treatment in one self sustained unit.


Liming (黎明) is a small village situated in Laojunshan National Park (老君山), the second national park to be created in China and is home to many unique species of animals and plants. Most famous of these include the Yunnan golden Monkey, Giant flying squirrels and the Red Panda. The local tribe is called the Lisu, who still lead quite an isolated life from the rest of China.


Liming is good for many outdoor activities including:


Survival Bracelets

If you found this page you are probably wondering how can this peace of woven parachute cord (paracord) help me survive in an emergency situation?