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Corporate Retreats

A company’s success depends largely on the motivation, productivity and unity of its workforce. Your company may spend valuable time and resources to build relationships within the office, but these may prove unsatisfactory as the office environment rarely provides the quality experience necessary to foster a deep bond between employees.



Yangshuo (阳朔) is a fantastic venue for outdoor sports. It's located near Guilin (桂林) in Guangxi province and is easily accessible by bus, train and plain. Yangshuo and Guilin have been popular tourist destinations for many years, with thousands of visitors every month coming to see the incredible Karst Limestone towers that dominate this magnificent landscape.

Themed Activities

Management development, themed activities

Take part in one of our many themed events, suitable for large and small groups, big and small budgets alike. Our events range from small dinner meetings and parties to multi day adventures in wild outdoor arenas. Whether your looking for a simple event to help your team work together run in your work place or a multi day company retreat for your management team we have it all.


Bellow are a few examples of our themed activities:

Management Development

At Zen Quest we offer a range of programmes to suit both your company and your career needs. Our team of dedicated professionals combine top academic knowledge, real life managerial experience and deep expertise in the outdoors to construct individualised programmes to suit the specific needs of your company or career aspirations through our unique modular Outdoor MBA (TM) courses that teach real life business functions in an amazing outdoor setting.


Modules include:

Team building

Our approach to team building is simple yet timeless: original, specific and holistic. We specialise in designing bespoke team building programmes that target your organisation’s specific needs. Our innovative themed team building and strategy games will elevate your team to a different dimension.

Who Will Eat The Apple?

Orienteering, Team building, and Cooperating: Who Will Eat The Apple?
Steve Jobs is gone and Apple’s share price is down, but now is the time for a new challenger to Eat the Apple and stand atop the world’s mountain of companies. Can it be you?


Taklamakan Desert

The Silk Road Extravaganza

A memorable and fun desert crossing high adventure!


Experts of China

Our experienced team have travelled the breadth and width of China and much of the world in search of the most interesting and rewarding programmes both for outdoor adventure, business education and cultural/environmental diversity.