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Week Without Walls (WWW)

For many years, a lot of schools  have defined their outdoor activity week as 'week without walls'. So a week without walls in its broadest sense, is a week where students can participate in activities outside the school classroom. This could include such activities as; service learning, trekking, rock climbing, canoeing, camping and much more. Here at Zen Quest we strive to make WWW a week your students will remember, where they'll learn and grow as individuals.


We design our WWW programs with overarching themes, so the whole trip is built with logical and progressive learning outcomes. Contact us for more information; a good example of this is our servant leadership program which aims to:

1. Help youth learn specific knowledge and skills related to leadership
2. Enable youth to understand the history, values and beliefs of their society.
3. Facilitate the development of individual strengths and leadership styles.
4. Facilitate the development of ethics, values and ethical reasoning.
5. Promote awareness, understanding, and tolerance of other people, cultures and societies.
6. Embody high expectations of, confidence in, and respect for the teens served.
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Another alternative to WWW, is the micro campus. Rather than a week, this is an extended period of time the students are away from school, however they can participate in standard classroom activities as well as experiential, outdoor and community based pursuits.

Our Partners

We have partnered with Shaxi China, The Ginkgo Society and Yangshuo Mountain Retreat, the best providers of facilities, logistics and accommodation for international students in Yunnan and Guangxi, China. You can find out more about their excellent services on their website or contact them by email here. We are also an affiliate member of the ACAMIS foundation.